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The innovation of REGMED cosmetics

Hydroxyapatite and chitosan. They are biocompatible polymers, very well tolerated and absorbed by our skin. We source these compounds from a research laboratory which operates under the strict supervision of a staff of scientists.

Hydroxyapatite — face creams

Hydroxyapatite in high concentrations is used in professional aesthetic medicine clinics as a filler and volumizer. It has the effect of making it easier for our body tissues to restore their volume. It is one of the building blocks of our bones, it works by forming a powerful “scaffolding” in our bones in the form of long crystals, so-called “microfibrils”. When applied to the skin, it has a similar effect — its particles take the form of “scaffolding” in the dermis.

Until now, it has been used in creams in concentrations so low that it is not even noticeable to our skin, and of course does not bring any desirable results.

Chitosan - face creams and hair shampoos

Chitosan is a naturally occurring polymer obtained from shellfish (as a byproduct of the food processing industry). It has moisturizing, smoothing, firming and regenerating properties for our skin. Simultaneously, chitosan creates a non-greasy film on the skin, which protects against water loss. This film is a powerful tool for protecting against harmful environmental factors and microorganisms responsible for acne. Chitosan also has been found to have anti-aging properties thanks to its effects of stimulating the body to increase collagen production. The chitosan we use in our products is medically pure.



Our cosmetics, face creams with chitosan and hydroxyapatite and hair shampoos with chitosan — are designed to reproduce the effects of treatments in beauty salons without incurring the huge costs associated with such treatments.

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